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Recognising the crucial role of a well-organized business network for productivity and growth, Cable Connector’s structured cabling solutions offer remarkable flexibility. Our expertise spans top-quality installation services for certified voice and data cabling, ensuring optimal network performance.


Designed for quick adjustments during new integrations, relocations, or changes, our solutions drive enhanced business performance and heightened profitability. Count on us for cost-effective products and installation services perfectly aligned with the demands of today’s competitive market, empowering your business network seamlessly.

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  • Structured Cabling Designs & Installations

    Implementation of organized, standardized cabling infrastructure for seamless connectivity and future-proofing.

  • Surveillance-Camera-System

    Surveillance Camera Systems

    Implementing camera systems for continuous monitoring, enhancing security, and providing real-time surveillance for various environments.

  • Security Access Control Systems

    Deploying security systems to control and monitor access to physical spaces, ensuring secure and restricted entry.

  • Fibre Optic Cabling

    Utilising high-speed fibre optic cables for fast and reliable data transmission over long distances in networks

  • Data Network Cabling / Internet Cabling

    Installing cabling infrastructure to support data and internet connectivity for efficient communication and information exchange.

  • Coaxial Cabling

    Implementing coaxial cables for transmitting high-frequency signals, commonly used in cable television and internet connections.

  • Telephone Cabling (Commercial)

    Establishing commercial telephone cabling systems for precise and reliable communication within business environments.

  • WLAN Network Installation

    Setting up Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) installations for wireless connectivity, enabling flexible and convenient network access.

  • Paging Systems Server Racks

    Installing server racks for organized storage and management of paging systems, facilitating efficient communication.

  • Patch Panel Termination

    Terminating and organizing network connections on patch panels, streamlining cable management, and improving accessibility.

  • Wireless LAN Solutions

    Providing solutions for Wireless Local Area Networks, allowing seamless wireless connectivity and network access for various applications.