Turnstiles are versatile security devices used in a wide range of settings. Their ability to control the flow of people, restrict access, and integrate with other security measures makes them valuable tools for enhancing security in residential and public places.

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  • Tripod Turnstiles

    Efficient crowd control and access management with three rotating arms. Example: Alvarado MST-43 Tripod Turnstile

  • Full-Height Turnstiles

    Robust security barriers restricting passage to authorised individuals.
    Example: PERCo PM-01 Full-Height Turnstile

  • Waist-Height Turnstiles

    Compact, secure entry solution at waist level.
    Example: Boon Edam Turnlock 100

  • Optical Turnstiles

    Modern and sleek turnstiles using optical sensors.
    Example: Fastlane Glasswing

  • Drop Arm/Turnstile Gates

    Versatile security with drop-arm functionality.
    Example: Magnetic Drop Arm Barrier MPT-31.

  • Revolving Turnstiles

    High-security entry points with a rotating mechanism.
    Example: Boon Edam TQA-20

  • Swing Gates

    Controlled access with swinging gates.
    Example: Came G-4000 Swing Gate

  • Drop Arm Optical Turnstiles

    Offers advanced optical turnstile features with drop-arm capability.
    Example: Gunnebo Fastlane Glassgate 400

  • Coin-Operated Turnstiles

    Secure access with coin-operated mechanisms.
    Example: Hayward Turnstiles


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