From a one-man show to a high-tech company, Cable Connector has come a long way since 1987. Founder Mr. Jitendra Mohta, aka “Ghotu,” set out to provide high-speed communication network solutions and services to various industries, and he succeeded. Today, Cable Connector is a name to reckon with in central India, offering a wide range of networking and telecommunication products customized to meet individual needs. We’re committed to supplying seamless networking, superior quality, cutting-edge innovation, and customer-oriented solutions that provide easy access to futuristic technology.

With over 35 years of experience, we’ve served more than 200,000 individuals and organizations, including large telecommunication groups, government entities, education centers, finance establishments, medical institutions, transportation hubs, and technology clusters.

At Cable Connector, we pride ourselves on having a diverse team of experienced engineers and designers, with more than 60% female staff. We’re a company run by the two daughters of our founder, Simran Mohta and Palak Mohta who are passionate about delivering non-stop connectivity and reliable support for all your networking needs.

Whether you’re tired of slow internet speeds or dropped calls, our superhero-like team is here to save the day! We offer top-quality wired and wireless network and telecom solutions that are authorized by several well-known brands. You can trust us to deliver effective and reliable solutions that address your pain points, no matter the size of your business.

We believe that seamless connectivity should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer a wide range of products at competitive prices. So why wait any longer? Let us help you upgrade your current setup or build a new system from scratch. Explore our options today and experience the joy of seamless connectivity with Cable Connector!


    Seamless Networking
    A logical approach for uninterrupted, user-friendly & ideal connectivity


    Customer Oriented
    Meeting the needs of customer with latest technology & service on demand


    Futuristic Technology
    To empower the world with the power of connectivity!

Our Journey

The journey begins with delivering high-tech gadgets to solve customers’ problems. After a few steps ahead, we conquered a wide market still knocking on our doors.


Established in 1987 by Jitendra Mohta as JK Electronics. Kickoff selling car accessories from speakers to steering and cable antennas for television.


With the skyrocketing growth in the Television industry, Mr. Mohta’s leadership pioneered the manufacturing of televisions with part assembly. Accomplished 10,000 sales under well-known brands – National, Prakash, and GCG.


JK Electronics offers innovative Cable solutions to the customer utilizing satellite and Dish Antenna TVs, conquering the new trend.


In 1995, JK Electronics began expanding in the Networking and Telecommunications industry. Captured the market by supplying internet and broadband devices along with Cable Television apparatus.


Identity altered from JK Electronics to Cable Connector after Rebranding. Remain committed to focusing on providing customers with the latest technological trends.


The rise of EDFA technology brought a tremendous opportunity to the doors of Cable Connectors by Government Railways.


Introduced wireless products in 2014. Business keeps accelerating with an ever-growing demand.


Continuing a journey of 30+ years with 35 product ranges, Cable Connector provides customers with the latest technological gadgets for networking and telecommunication needs.

Our People


Cable Connector leadership team has a long history of success in technology, & business management.

Mr. Jitendra Mohta

Mr. Jitendra Mohta launched Cable Connector in 1987, a visionary entrepreneurial debut at the ripe age of 16. His ambition, growing aspiration, and keen eye for technological advancements have led to a 35-year reputed business legacy. He is responsible for bringing a technological disruption in Nagpur, introducing the market to a number of unique products for the first time. Mr. Mohta’s passion for electronics and his convivial way with people has helped him pave a successful road for Cable Connector.

Mr. Jitendra Mohta

Founder / CEO
Simran Mohta

The Managing Director at Cable Connector, Simran, is as zealous and ambitious as her father, if not more. Her friendly nature is an addition to her astounding work ethic in tandem with her ingenuity. Armed with a master’s in International Marketing and Brand Development from Paris and her diverse work experience across roles and domains, she has helped revitalise Cable Connector. Her unique approach to business enrichment has steered the company’s workflow from a regional large player to a global corporate.

Simran Mohta

Managing Director
Palak Mohta

Palak Mohta has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication and is the Managing Director. She brings in prowess to the e-commerce segment with added expertise in digital strategy. Always having been an out-of-box thinker, she is a team player in implementing unconventional ideas & has repositioned Cable Connector with a refreshed look and brand presence in the market.

Palak Mohta

Managing Director